Airport parking services tailored to your needs

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Airport parking services tailored to your needs

Johannesburg International Parking Services

valetAre you in need of safe and reliable airport parking while you head out for your business or social trip from Johannesburg International airport? Dynamic Airport Parking is your go-to solution. We offer a variety of airport parking services that will ensure your trip begins on a seamless and stress free note. With our professional parking services you can breathe easy knowing that you will get to the airport on time. You will not have to spend what seems like an eternity, aimlessly searching for airport parking. Our valet parking service ensures that you will be met at Johannesburg International Airport on time – every time! We are also able to provide you with a secure parking that is close to the airport, where your vehicle will be stored safely. If you are looking to lighten the load of travelling by cutting out unnecessary stresses, then Dynamic Airport Parking solution is most certainly for you!

What Dynamic Parking can do for you

  • Collection of your vehicle at ‘Departures’ of Johannesburg International Airport
  • Kerbside delivery of your vehicle at ‘Departures’ upon your return to Johannesburg International Airport
  • All of our staff are experienced, reliable and professional
  • No deviation in driving your vehicle to and from Johannesburg International Airport
  • Weather permitting, your vehicle will receive a free vacuum and wash
  • Premier and proven lock-up facilities

Johannesburg Airport Parking: Client Satisfaction is Key

Service excellence is the key to our success. Since our inception in 2006, we are proud to have provided an accident-free and incident-free service. It is our goal to give our clients the service of a lifetime.

It is our goal to assure our clients the following

  • All drivers are licensed
  • All drivers are over the age of 25
  • Drivers adhere to the speed limits at all times
  • Vehicles will be parked as soon as they get on site
  • Punctuality is key
  • Our management and staff are reliable and helpful
  • Affordable and competitive rates

Dynamic Airport Parking: Car Wash


Due to load shedding and possible water shedding, a complimentary car wash is done the day before your return to ensure that it is done.
The car is washed, wiped down, vacuumed and evident rubbish removed. We do not remove slips or receipts.
In the event of wind, drizzle or even rain the car may have slight dust or drizzle marks and Dynamic Airport Parking (Pty) Ltd cannot be held responsible for such acts of God. This is not an indication of poor service as these are circumstances beyond our control. The roads are dusty and with trucks using the same roads as we do on a daily basis, we may pick up minor dust along the way. We assure you at all times that we do our utmost to prevent this. However, please note that this is a courtesy service and not paid for as part of our meet and greet parking service.