Booking your vehicle in with Dynamic Airport Parking is a simple and effortless procedure. We are situated close to Johannesburg International Airport. Our facilities are made up of secure lock-up garages and shaded parking bays. Our drivers will simply meet you at the airport to pick up your vehicle. You no longer have to drive around in a panic looking for parking. With the Dynamic Airport team behind you, you will take flight on a great note!

The Procedure

Upon your departure

  • You can book with us online. Simply fill in our Booking Form.
  • Email serves as confirmation of your booking
  • A time will be confirmed and we will meet you at the Departures Terminal at Johannesburg International Airport.
  • Call us when you are 20 minutes away from the airport in order to ensure that a designated driver is ready and waiting for your arrival
  • Simply pull into the Dynamic Airport Parking designated area
  • One of our professional drivers will approach you and offer you the necessary documentation. Our drivers will be wearing our uniform with our company logo emblazoned on the uniform.
  • Hand the keys of your vehicle over to our driver. Our driver will then immediately deliver your vehicle to our facility.
  • Payment is made in cash to the driver upon your-return.

Upon your Return

  • Give us a call as soon as you touch down
  • While you are at baggage claim we will bring your vehicle to Johannesburg International
  • Our driver will be waiting for you with your vehicle outside of the Domestic Departures B location (we will never meet at Arrivals)
  • You will then take your receipt and pay our driver in cash or as otherwise arranged with our management